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P. A. Keilbart has been offering professional treatments for neck and back pain in St. Austell and the Charlestown area for the last 30 years. You can also visit the centre for sport injury treatments, trapped nerve treatment and other pain management needs.

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Whiplash treatment by P. A. Keilbart BSc DO

Have you injured your neck recently? Are you experiencing sudden neck stiffness? It can be a symptom of whiplash. Also known as neck sprain, whiplash can lead to acute pain in your neck. At P. A. Keilbart BSc DO you can get expert whiplash treatment in St. Austell, Cornwall.

Get treated for:

•   Arthritis

•   Neck and back pain

•   Sport injury

•   Trapped nerve

•   Osteopathy

Symptoms to check

Our facilities include:  

•   Easy access

•   Free parking

•   Disabled access

•   Home visitation service

Whiplash can be detected through a number of symptoms that include but are not limited to:

•   Neck stiffness

•   Pain in the shoulder or shoulder blades

•   Headaches

•   Lower back pain

•   Pain or numbness in the arm

•   Ringing in the ears or blurred vision

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