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Causes of a trapped nerve

A nerve can often get trapped when it is pressed between tissues such as the ligament, tendon, or bone. Inflammation or pressure on a nerve root can also lead to a trapped nerve situation. When a nerve is pinched or gets compressed your body will send you warning signals in the form of pain in different body parts. P. A. Keilbart provides professional diagnosis to assess the reasons behind the pain and offers professional treatments.

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Get trapped nerve treatment by P. A. Keilbart BSc DO

Our nerves can get irritated and inflamed because sometimes our bones, joints, or muscles are not in their proper place due to injury, strain or shock. P. A. Keilbart BSc DO offers expert trapped nerve treatment in Cornwall to relieve you from compressed nerve conditions.

Consultation charges:

•   Initial consultation £38

•   Follow up treatments £32

•   Returning clients after 1 year initial consultation £35

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